4oz. bag ~ Milk Chocolate Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

English almond toffee made from the finest and freshest ingredients topped with creamy milk chocolate. Simply delicious! 



4oz. bag ~ Dark Chocolate Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Pure delight! English almond toffee smothered with decadent dark chocolate. 


4oz. bag ~ White Chocolate Cranberry Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Tart dried cranberries bring balance to creamy white chocolate and English almond toffee in this irresistibly sweet treat! 



4oz. bag ~ Dark Chocolate Sicilian Sea Salted Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Perfectly paired! Sicilian sea salt compliments rick dark chocolate for an instant cure of your sweet and salty craving. 



4oz. bag ~ Pumpkin Spice Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Delicious flavor for the holidays! English almond toffee topped with creamy white chocolate and the perfect amount of pumkpin spice.


See DOUBLE for a short time!!

Get 2 of our New Pumpkin Spice Toffee for the price of 1.


4oz. bag ~ Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Peanut butter lovers are primed for pleasure with this treat! English almond toffee topped with milk chocolate and peanut butter.


4oz. bag ~ Dark Chocolate Espresso Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Decadent dark chocolate and bold bits of espresso beans atop English almond toffee create a beautifully balanced pick-me-up.


4oz. bag ~ White Chocolate Strawberry Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Luscious white chocolate topped with freeze dried strawberries.  


4oz. bag ~ Milk Chocolate Coconut Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Original recipe English almond toffee topped with smooth milk chocolate and shredded coconut. 


4oz. bag ~ Dark Chocolate Salted Jalapeño Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

3rd place winner at Zestfest.

Don't let third place fool you. This deliciously deep dark chocolate has a salty, spicy finish.

Made with fine Callebaut chocolate, Sicilian sea salt and a KICK of Jalapeno. No regrets!



4oz. bag ~ White Chocolate Peach Ginger Habanero Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

1st place winner at Chili Extravaganza and Zestfest!

Velvety white chocolate infused with habanero peppers topped with dried peaches and candied ginger bits. These addictive flavors burst with every bite!

HOT, Sweet and YUMMY!



4oz. bag ~ White Chocolate Mango Chili Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

2nd place winner from Zestfest and Chili Extravaganza.

Almond toffee topped with creamy white chocolate adorned with spicy dried mango. Where sweet and heat meet!



4oz. bag ~ Pineapple Bacon Hatch Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

Irresistibly sweet and savory! Silky white chocolate garnished with dried pineapple, bacon and New Mexican hatch chilis.  


4oz. bag ~ Spicy Coconut Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

1st place award winner from 2015 Houston Hot Sauce Festival! Milk chocolate, coconut and ground thai chili come together for a wonderfully sweet and spicy surprise.  


4oz. bag ~ Dark Chocolate Strawberry Serrano Toffee

$ 9.50 USD

2nd place award winner at the 2015 Houston Hot Sauce Festival. Rich dark chocolate, serrano chili and dried strawberries atop our almond toffee. 


1 lb. Windowed Gift Box ~ Milk Chocolate Toffee

$ 32.00 USD

1lb. of handmade Milk Chocolate Toffee


1 lb. Windowed Gift Box ~ Dark Chocolate Sicilian Sea Salted Toffee

$ 32.00 USD

1lb. of handmade Dark Chocolate Sicilian Sea Salted Toffee


1 lb. Windowed Gift Box ~ Assorted Toffee ~ Milk, Dark, Cranberry, & Dark Salted Toffee

$ 32.00 USD

1 lb. of handmade assorted toffees ~ Milk, Dark, Cranberry, and Dark Chocolate Sicilian Sea Salted Toffee packaged in a windowed gift box.


1 lb. Windowed Gift Box ~ Build Your Own

$ 34.00 USD

Choose up to 4 flavors for a delicious variety.

Milk, Dark, Cranberry, Dark Salted, Strawberry, Espresso, Coconut, Pumpkin Spice, or Peanut Butter. 

SPICY: Jalapeno, Mango Chili, Habanero, Strawberry Serrano, Spicy Coconut or Pineapple Bacon Hatch.

Please list your 4 flavors under special instructions.



We do NOT ship MAY - OCTOBER unless the weather allows

We accept orders year round, however, we do NOT ship during peak Texas heat!

Contact us for information on


                                                                          #214-500-5766 or texastoffeequeen@att.net  


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